Harm of formaldehyde

Because the molecular structure of formaldehyde is relatively basic, it is the precursor of many complex compounds. In the textile industry, for example, in order to make clothes wrinkle-resistant, some active resins containing formaldehyde will be used as adhesion agents; Then it is widely used in automobile manufacturing, building materials and other industries. On the other hand, formaldehyde has bactericidal ability and can kill most bacteria and fungi, so its aqueous solution and derivatives are also used for disinfection and treatment of some diseases, and even for making animal feed. Formaldehyde has another well-known name. The aqueous solution with formaldehyde content of 37% or 40% by volume is often called formalin. Formalin is often used to make specimens, which is due to a special property of formaldehyde-it can irreversibly combine proteins with DNA, so it has the functions of fixing tissues and preserving corrosion.

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